Advertising & Promotions

5 Things I’ve Learned From Advertising

In a world where technology is ever-changing and evolving, one thing has remained true- advertising is constant. You take a stroll down a busy street and you will spot all kinds of advertising, probably some of which you don’t even take notice at first.  Advertising is everywhere and that’s exactly why I love it and have learned so much from it.


  1. Know Your Customer

    The most important foundation for building your advertising, is knowing who you’re advertising. Are you advertising to the kid down the street or the CEO always on-the-go. Beyond just making money, you want to make sure you’re building that connection, and the best way is to know what your target customer is looking for or what they find meaningful.

  2. Creativity

    Running out of ideas happen, but putting together something that hasn’t ever been seen is super gratifying, not just for the advertiser but for those who it’s intended for. Creativity will determine if the ad is important enough to watch it through its entirety, keep in mind there are tons of people like me, that have the attention of a fish… “Oh look at that…oh but what about that!” If the ad is creative, I’ll have no other option but to give it my full attention.

  3. Storytelling

    Storytelling in advertising isn’t something that is ‘brand new’, it’s been around for a while and I don’t see it going away, in fact it’s growing! It’s important for an ad to tell a story, I’m less likely to remember the brand if it just posts a funny ad. Maybe I’ll remember the ad, but not who created it. Whereas, if it’s telling me a story I’m more likely to see that engagement and pay attention to the brand. Not only that but it keeps the advertiser in control of what the viewer is seeing.

  4. Don’t Be Controversial

    Always. Always. Always avoid being over-the-top, borderline controversial. Leave that to comedians. It’s extremely hard for someone to pull off any kind of advertising that deals in the realm of politics, religion, anything of that sort. If you wouldn’t mention it in a first-impression then you probably shouldn’t  put it into an advertisement. Again this relates a lot to knowing who your customer is, would they be offended by this, if so it’s not worth putting it out there!

  5. Engagement

    Branding ties into this one a lot, as well as storytelling. I (as well as many other millennials) love when we feel like we can be a part of the brand, and nothing meets that like brand engagement. I can name at least a dozen companies that really listen to their customers and engage with them through their ads, those are the ones that stick with me the most and usually the ones that will first get my money…but even more so my loyalty. In the end that’s one of the most important things advertising should do.


Advertising…never ceases to amaze me. As I try to keep up with learning all I can, it continues to thrive in ways I can’t even imagine. Nothing excites me, however, more than change. I hope to continue to learn and grow and one day be the woman behind some great ad campaigns. For now…I feel like I’ve learned the jest. Continuing to grow in all ways, always.



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